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It is highly recommended that you properly format your post before submitting it. To create your content on Steemit you can either use the "Editor" or "Markdown" mode. The following is a brief summary of some of the most common formatting commands available in Steemit Submit a Story Markdown window.
These tips derived from tutoring sessions with @razvanelul[1] as well as this GitHub's Markdown Cheat Sheet.[2] In addition, You can also use HTML tags if you are not using the Markdown Editor.

Large Text (Header)

To create large text, use an # , or by using the <h1> tag
The more ##### you use the SMALLER the text will appear.
Make sure to leave a space between the # and the word you want to enlarge.

  • Largest is # word, or <h1> word </h1>
  • Smallest is ###### word, or <h6> word </h6>


To make a word appear in bold font, use ** before and after the word.
You do NOT need to leave spaces between the ** and the word.
You can also use the <b> tag.

  • word : **word**
  • word : <b> word </b>


To make a word appear in italics use a single * on each side of the word.
You do NOT need to leave spaces between the * and the word.
You can also use the <em> tag.

  • word : *word*
  • word : <em>word</em>


To link a website to a word or phrase in your post, use [ ] and ( ).
The text goes in the [ ] and the link goes in the ( )

  • [word or phrase](

If you are not using the markdown editor, you can also create a link this way

  • <a href="">name of website</a>


To justify a text use:

  • <div class="text-justify"> Text </div>


To include a picture, paste the address of the image into your post.
See more on the article Including images in your posts.

Video & Media

The most basic way to include a video is to paste the link into your post. Another way is to include an embedded HTML (iframe). Only YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud (embed only) are supported.

Center Pictures, Videos, or Text

To center the picture use <center> and </center>

  • <center>picture.jpg</center>

To center text use <center> and </center>

  • <center> word </center>

To center a video use <center> and </center>

  • <center> videolink </center>


To create small spaces above and below the picture, use <br>

  • <br><center>picture.jpg</center><br>

To create a new line without new paragraph you need to put at least 2 spaces at the end of each line.


To make it appear that a picture has a caption, use the break feature, center feature and the italics feature. (Special thanks to @razvanelul for this cool idea)[1]

  • <br><center>picture.jpg</center>


Text slider

All you need to do is put 4 spaces before the text you want to make into a slider.[3]


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