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A steeme (with an extra 'e') is an internet meme used within the context of, or in reference to, Steemit or Steem. Memes have proliferated internet culture, and as they become embedded within the Steem sub-culture of cryptocurrency, steemes will represent a similar cultural form of communication.

In June 23rd, 2017, the steemian Sir Cork (@sircork), also an wiki collaborator (User:Sircork), annouced that Steeme is the new name of Steem Memes after deciding it in comments.[1]

Meme challenge

In January 2017 steemian @fibra59 proposed a Meme challenge on Steemit. The idea of challenge is that he post a picture and the participant's job is to make best possible meme of it.[2]


In October 1st, 2017, steemian @zombee announced dMania, basically 9GAG on Steem. The user can post memes, funny pictures, gifs or your favorite cute kitten pictures. dMania allows you to browse through those pictures in an easy and user friendly way. Because dMania is based on the Steem blockchain, the users can make money by posting, commenting or upvoting posts, in other words, they can actually make money with memes.[3]


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