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Steemit Chat is a chat website specifically for steemit users where you can communicate with other steemians. You can also get help, and list links to your Steemit posts. Steemit Chat can be accessed via your dropdown menu on Steemit (top right). Note: don't use your Steemit password to access Steemit Chat.

In June 2017, while STEEM Tokens were valuating quickly attracting a flood of new steemians, the service went down for a couple of days. At that time they were processing 45 Gigabytes of messages per day for about 12k users. When they migrated to the server it was around 500 Megabytes a day for around 4k users. One of the Steemit Chat founders, @riverhead , declared: "While we've tripled in size since then I suspect the real growth is in the active users versus those that have made accounts and never came back".[1]

Open source solution

Lauched by @cass in July, 27th of 2016 with the help of @riverhead, was initially annouced as an open source alternative to a Slack channel compromised after the cyber attack. Steemit Chat was deployed on servers owned by Steemit, Inc using the free open source software


Since the beggining many Steemit Chat channels were created, joining the steemians by languages, country origins, similar interests and subjects, etc.

There are still active and useful channels like #help and #postpromotion. If you want to discuss or suggest anything about this wiki you can access the #wiki channel in Steemit Chat too.

In June 11th, 2017, @the-ego-is-you launched the channel #Guides_and_Information_about_Steem to help new users that are strongly coming to Steemit at that time of STEEM Tokens rapid valuation.

Direct messages

Since Steemit Chat members are recomended to use the same Steemit username, people can find and send direct messages to them. A feature that Steemit site itself doesn't offer maybe because the transparency and permanent commitment of all content recorded in Steem blockchain.

Reported Issues

In June 20th and 21th, 2017, some users reported issues in not being able to connect. Steemians @noemilunastorta posted about the problem, @gogogadget published the screen capture of a error message about Bad Gateway[2] and @dowithlove wondered if it was an effect of Hard Fork 19 implementation.[3] Soon later, in June 22th, @riverhead posted that the server has been straining under the influx of new users and gave up. After describing the procedures updates, he said: "I am working with the service provider to get it back online enough for me to migrate it to a more powerful server that can better handle the load and scale for future load".[1] In June 23rd @firepower announced that the service was back online, first in a new server adress untill the DNS updates.[4]

Interruption and new management

In February 3rd, 2018, the system operator Riverhead revealed that was migrating to a new management.[5] Few days later the chat was interrupted with his message, claiming for steemians to reflect on what it means to vote for witnesses that bring value to the ecosystem and announcing: “I have found a willing and able team, lead by @followbtcnews, to take it over.”[6]

In the day after, Jeff (@followbtcnews) published a post with all the official details and confirmed: “We worked tirelessly to get chat everything up and running and to minimize the downtime, and we're happy to say everything is already back up and ready to go! You can use chat exactly as before. Nothing has changed or been lost.”[7]


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