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Built in September 2016 by Chris (@someguy123) to be the "center of all things Steem"[1], wiki runs over a MediaWiki engine, the same used by Wikipedia. The wiki, a site where everyone can create, modify and edit any page, was first proposed by Ward Cunningham in his WikiWikiWeb. The word wiki came from hawaiian dialect meaning quick and the concept is inspired by zen budhism wabi-sabi, the beauty of the impermanent and imperfection.[2]

In December 2016 Wagner Tamanaha (@wagnertamanaha) proposed an idea to reward the wiki participants with STEEM too.[3] With @someguy123 approval, the @steemcenterwiki account was launched in January 2017 starting generating STEEM Tokens and collecting donations. Since then the wiki collaborators were receiving transfers according a formula that balances equal and proportional divisions. See more in: Rewards

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