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Curie is a community project announced in August 2016 with a mission to discover and reward new content creators on Steemit and give them the exposure that they need.[1] In the Curie's FAQ for new curators published in March 6th, 2017[2], one of founders operators @liberosist explains that the Content Score (CS) determines the participant's submission limits, and adjusts dynamically on a weekly basis. The score is calculated from the Approval Rate (AR), that is (number of posts approved) / (number of posts submitted).

  • CS = Curation Score = (Number of posts approved) * AR^2.

The CS algorithm means only submit if you're 100% sure your submission will be approved. There's a very heafty penalty for disapprovals.

New curators will gain access to 10 submissions/week by increasing their CS >1. I.e. if you submit two posts and both are approved. If you submit 1 post and it is approved, you'll get the same 2 submissions for the next week. If you have one or two posts disapproved, your submission rights will be revoked.

Reviewers are selected from top curators who have over six months of experience with consistently exceptional curation scores.

In July 24th, 2017, a pinned message in Steemit Chat answering some FAQ - closing of public submissions explained that Curie's participants that can submit are curators who had a CS (Curation Score) => 1 last week, and older curators who maintain a submission limit.[3]

According to the post published by Etherpunk (@kevinwong) in February 2017, one of the founders operators, revealed that Curie had nine (9) core operators, and more than five-hundred (500) participants in #curie on Steemit Chat.[4]


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