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Curie is a community project announced in August 2016 with a mission to discover and reward new content creators on Steemit and give them the exposure that they need.[1] Everyday over a hundred curators from around the world select hidden gems from new authors. Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and more.

Curators are cordially invited to join the Curie community of over a hundred curators by submitting hidden gems at There's a finder's fee available for every approved post. Currently, due to our limited operational capacity, there are submission limits for new curators. Curators with consistent, quality curation will have their submission limits expanded.

In July 26th, 2017, Curie suspended public submissions for new curators due to high volumes of subpar quality submissions and spam.[2]

Submission guidelines

Bellow the Curie's guidelines published in February 2nd, 2017:[3]

  1. New and verified authors only, who have been persistent without much success. Brand new authors who have one or two posts without verification do not qualify. General guideline for "new author" would be 62 Reputation and under. The lower the Rep, the more likely they are to be voted. (Steem Guild will look out for posts by more established authors)
  2. Posts must be more than 150 minutes old (I.e. 3 hours ago on Steemit), but less than 20 hours, with less than $1 pending payout.
  3. Authors must not have earned more than $10 from a single post in the last 2 days. I.e. don't submit a post if the author has earned more than $10 on a post marked "yesterday" or "X hours ago" - has to be "2 days ago" or more.
  4. Only original content. Articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, etc. that appear first on Steemit. Please make sure sources are linked properly and check for plagiarism before posting here.
  5. No Steemit-related, photography, religious, introduceyourself or political posts.
  6. Maximum 5 submissions per day.
  7. English posts only. Steem Guild will look out for other languages.

In July 24th, 2017, a pinned message in Steemit Chat answered some FAQ - closing of public submissions*:[4]

  1. The error *Post is too old! Posts may not exceed an age of 0 minutes* or *Post is too old! Posts may not exceed an age of 1 minute* means you cannot submit posts to Curie.
  2. Who can submit?* Curators who had a CS (Curation Score) => 1 last week, and older curators who maintain a submission limit.
  3. Will there be public submissions by new curators ever again?* We don't know, but quite likely not. We have some plans to introduce exceptional new curators in a decentralized manner, more details in August.
  4. Why was this done?* Curie is a small project in downscaling mode, and we cannot keep up with the overwhelming demand. Few of the new curators even bothered reading the basic guidelines, let alone submit exceptional posts. After trying many things for the last 3 weeks, this is the only way we can continue.
  5. Curation Score will be updated every week as usual, so please maintain a high CS (Curation Score).

New curators FAQ

Bellow the Curie's FAQ for new curators published by one of founders operators @liberosist in March 6th, 2017:[5]

  1. Can I submit my own posts?* No, you cannot. Curie is for curators who submit exceptional posts by others.
  2. Is there any other way I can get Curie to vote for my brilliant work?* No, Curie will only vote on exceptional posts proposed by curators.
  3. Where do I submit a post?* You'll find the link right down below to Streemian's Curie guilds page.
  4. Do I need to unlock my account on Streemian?* No, you only need to link your Steem account. Unlocking is for Streemian's other services.
  5. What happens after I submit a post?* The post enters the review queue, where a reviewer has to go through and review all posts. Posts are either approved, disapproved or closed (if the post exceeds a guideline between the time of submission and review).
  6. How many posts can I submit?* New curators start off with 2 submissions.
  7. What is CS and AR?* AR = Approval rate. That is (number of posts approved) / (number of posts submitted). (Posts that are "Closed" are not considered for the posts submitted count). CS = Curation Score = (Number of posts approved) * AR^2. Your CS determines your submission limits, and adjusts dynamically on a weekly basis. The CS algorithm means only submit if you're 100% sure your submission will be approved. There's a very heafty penalty for disapprovals.
  8. How can I submit more posts?* New curators will gain access to 10 submissions/week by increasing their CS >1. I.e. if you submit two posts and both are approved. If you submit 1 post and it is approved, you'll get the same 2 submissions for the next week. If you have one or two posts disapproved, your submission rights will be revoked.
  9. Where can I find my CS?* It updates weekly and is published every Monday in Curie Weekly Update.
  10. When do I get my finder's fee?* Every Sunday.
  11. How long does it take for posts to be reviewed?* Usually, it takes about an hour, but it could take up to 6 hours.
  12. How do I know if a post I submitted was approved?* You'll see a vote by @curie on the post, followed by many other accounts following Curie's trail. If it has been several hours without a vote, your submission was probably closed or disapproved. Curie does not publish lists of disapproved posts.
  13. Why was my wonderful submission not approved?* Curie has a very limited voting budget, of up to 25 votes per day. This is due to the current Steem's voting power reserve rate, which allows for only 10 posts. By throttling our voting strengths, Curie can achieve 25 votes per day, but no more. So, only the most exceptionally engaging posts are approved. However, most disapprovals seem to be posts that don't meet some guideline or the other.
  14. How can I learn what kind of posts are approved?* Please go through Curie's profile page @curie on The posts resteemed are the type of posts that are most likely to be upvoted.
  15. Can I submit something that doesn't quite meet the guidelines?* You may, but it'll most likely be disapproved. For new curators especially, best stick to absolutely exceptional posts. Don't submit unless you're 100% sure it'll be approved.
  16. What does the error "Post is too old! Posts may not exceed an age of 0 minutes" mean?* That means your curation score was too low and you are unable to submit any posts.
  17. How do I become a reviewer?* Reviewers are selected from top curators who have over six months of experience with consistently exceptional curation scores.

The beggining

The idea of bringing rewards and recognition to Steemit’s undiscovered and emerging authors, in August 2016, the next month after the platform made it first payouts in July 4th, was annouced by a group of senior writers that forged a partnership with @nextgencrypto to help direct whale votes for a good cause.

The “Project Curie” Team started with: Tom (@donkeypong), The Alien (@the-alien), @liberosist, Etherpunk (@kevinwong), Anwen Baumeister (@anwenbaumeister), @infovore @gavvet @steemship, plus contributors including Cryptogee (@cryptogee), Andrew Levine (@andrarchy), @piedpiper, @nanzo-scoop, rok Sivante (@rok-sivante) and others. Several team members volunteer their time for free, others make a small income from curating posts, and many of us contribute SBD from our own payouts to this project.

With the Voting Power and Support by @nextgencrypto, other whale accounts who prefer to remain unnamed, and the group’s own orca-level accounts at that time.[1]

How it works

According to the post published by Etherpunk (@kevinwong) in February 2017, one of the founders operators, the project are divided into two major groups. First is the internal curation group consisting post finders, post vouchers, and ultimately, the proxy voters. Second is the external curation group. It's open to the rest of the community to suggest posts as long as these post meet the guidelines that we have developed organically over the course of our collective experience operating Curie.

All Curie members are quite simply operators. We do not have any defined roles, and we can take-up and pass on roles anytime as long as time and skills permit. Other than the more technical stuff like maintaining a witness and developing the software to assist Curie works, anybody in Curie can be part of any operational process stated below.

At the time of writing, Curie had nine (9) core operators, and more than five-hundred (500) participants in #curie on Steemit Chat.[6]

International Support

Curie was the first curation project that helped support great posts in some international and non-English areas, including Korean and Spanish, which have become large segments on Steemit. In its first anniversary, August 11th, 2017, there were many growing communities in international growth areas, some of them posting in languages other than English. To recognize and support good content in these areas, Curie started allocating a portion of its votes again on some regional posts (in English and in other languages). In each of these areas, they would rely on trained curators who have posted appropriate guidelines for their communities, have a trusted system in place, and under supervion by Tom (@donkeypong). They were: Italian curators - @thenightflier and @bhuz, Brazilian curators - @maxjoy and @dudutaulois, Nigerian curators - @destinysaid @gbenga @ehiboss @ogoowinner @fisteganos, Malaysian curators - @bitrocker2020 and @awesomianist, Myanmar - @kachinhenry and @patricksanlin, Indonesia - @aiqabrago and @levycore. This international curation was independent of Curie's general curation works, which would continue as usual with no changes.[7]


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