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Streemian is a curation trail website that can be used to auto-vote on content when another account votes on certain content. It was launched in July 2016 and is owned by ChainSquad GmbH, the company's CEO is Fabian Schuh (@xeroc).

How to use

Firstly head over to Streemian ( and setup an account - you will need to authenticate your account with 0.001 STEEM.

In a detailed tutorial published in July 22nd, 2017, Jerry Banfield (@jerrybanfield) said that unlocked the Steem account by putting in the posting key and/or the active key, whatever it asked for. it's always better to use your active key and your posting key (see Steem Key Management), because if those get compromised, you can quickly just change them and get new ones by changing the password. (1)

Concerning about users sharing their private active key or Steemit password, steemian Sir Cork (@sircork) dissected's user account creation privacy and security code live in a public chat room and found out it's all good. He noticed that the code is all 100% basic javascript and nothing was "hidden" on the server or elsewhere. (2)

Scheduled Posts

Jerry Banfield (@jerrybanfield) believes that people tend to upvote the most recent post and if there's a lot of posts by one author, it often is tempting to just not upvote anything, or to not upvote 100% (Voting Power). The bottom line is that he doesn't want to make posts three hours apart. He wants to schedule them.

The first key thing here is the release date and time. it needed to pick the current date, remembering this is in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) He alerts that can go over here and hit the preview icon, but it will remove all the HTML code and it will say, "Post must only contain markdown for the preview." Jerry said: "the ability to schedule posts, which is a huge weight off of me for going on vacation." (1)


There you can choose a trail to follow. Click on JOIN THE TRAIL and then you will be presented with the following choices.

Streemian Screenshot

Select whether to allow:

  • upvote
  • downvote
  • upvote on comment
  • disable

Then set your % for each vote and click UPDATE.

That is it. Now whenever your curator votes on a post (or comment), your account will automatically vote on the same content.

Steem RSS feeds

In his tutorial, Jerry Banfield says that the RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed he has from Streemian allows him to automatically put all of blog posts from Steemit directly on his website. (1)


  1. Streemian Tutorial for Steemit RSS feeds and Scheduled Posts! Written by Jerry Banfield in Steemit and published in July 22nd, 2017
  2. I dissected's user account creation privacy and security code live in a public chat room & found out it's all good! Written by Sir Cork in Steemit and published in June 2017.


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