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Curation is simply the act of up-voting using the upvote button. UpvoteBtn.PNG

It does not cost you any of your own Steem (money) to vote (curate) and in fact you can earn Steem by curating.

Currently you can cast 40 curation votes /24 hrs. After hard fork 19, you get 10/24 hrs. You can vote more but your influence Power goes down and you give less and earn less on votes.

When voting, the dollar value displayed is not updated in your browser until something causes the page to refresh (voting will cause the page to refresh). So if you want to see how much your vote really ads, you will need to refresh your page, see how many have voted, quickly vote, then make sure yours was the only additional vote. Then you can subtract the new dollar value from what the old value was.

NOTE also that the dollar value shown is only 2 decimal places and will not show additions of less than 2 decimal places even though the amount is in actual fact added to the total.


In simple terms, vests are what are counted in order to determine the amount of influence that your votes have. You earn vests based upon the amount of Steem Power that you hold in your account. To increase the number of vests that you have, convert Steem Based Dollars into Steem Tokens and then power up to convert the Steem Tokens into Steem Power. These actions can be performed from within your wallet.

@hisnameisolllie posted an article that explains vests in greater detail. See more in Vest

Voting Power

This is what determines how much influence your vote will have. The more influence your vote has, the more you will increase the value of rewards earned. Voting power is currently based on an exponential calculation but it has been proposed that a linear calculation be used in the future.

Voting Power is tied to the number of vests that you own.


To upvote, simply click on the upvote icon found at the bottom of every post. UpvoteBtn.PNG

Receiving upvotes not only increases the rewards you will receive but also increases your rank (that number you see beside your name). Rank is important because it shows how you have been received by the general public. Receiving down-votes will reduce your rank. If your rank drops too low, all your posts will become hidden and potential viewers must click on the post title an extra time to see your posts.

See more in Upvote

Downvotes (flags)

The flag icon is found at the top right of articles and is deliberately made rather hard to see because it should rarely be used.

See flags for greater details.


See Bots and Upvotes Bots


Curation Rewards

@liberosist posted a very in-depth guide about maximizing your curation rewards.


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