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This page is a listing of any article which should be created to expand the content of this wiki. You can help out by creating the article, or improving it if it already exists. You can also suggest an article you miss it here.

Or choose one of the all pages created until now.

Feel free to suggest updates or new article replying a recent post on Steemit's @steemcenterwiki page.

Earning steem to collaborate in wiki

If you want to collaborate in the wiki you can earn a share of the steems collected in @steemcenterwiki Steemit account, just follow @steemcenterwiki, register in and show your Steemit username in you profile page. See the introduction and the rules of the project. You can use the sandbox page if you want to test and play wiki editions before. Then start collaborating, if you want, you can use the MediaWiki tutorial as reference to create and edit pages in wiki, wich runs in MediaWiki, the same engine of Wikipedia or ask for a personal response in Steemit Chat #wiki channel.


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