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Condenser is "the social application web front-end to the Steem Blockchain" [1]. It is a frontend to the Steem blockchain developed by Steemit and available via Condenser provides different views to the Steem blockchain data, lists new, hot, trending and promoted posts for any or specific categories, shows user feeds and includes a wallet.


Condenser uses the react.js web interface to the Steem blockchain. All blockchain data is fetched from Steem API nodes from the client browser and displayed with condenser. Special condenser-API calls exist in the Steem implementation to retrieve the required information. Condenser is open source and hosted on Github.

Alternative Interfaces

The condenser instance is currently the most widely used interface to the Steem blockchain. A development version of condenser is running at A completely independent and alternative interface exists with on


  1. Steemit Condenser on Github, retrieved in March 6th, 2018


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