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Like the first Steemfest edition, to Steemfest 2 many steemians lauched contests, crowdfunding campaigns and giveaways to help other users paying plane tickets and hotel reservations. Here a list of posts published on Steemit.

  • 10/19/2017 - @acidyo
    Steemfest Ticket Giveaway!
    To win the ticket, just write a comment about why he should choose you! :). Winners would be announced before the event date in November 1st, 2017.

  • 7/20/2017 - @steemfestdreams
    SteemFest Dreams - Crowdfunded Trip to Portugal
    To enter, make a post about yourself and why you want to go to SteemFest2. Mention @steemfestdreams in the post and put a link to it in a comment on @steemfestdreams post.

  • 6/30/2017 - @cervantes
    Cervantes Contest
    In its first phase, they'll choose an artist's work from any of the art branches: painters, sculptors, architects, musicians, etc. From that chosen image or video, each participant will make a personal interpretation of it, without any type of limitation, you can use your knowledge about the work. The fist phase will last until ends of august (31.08.2017). The second phase will last 15 days and It will finish on the 16.09.2017

Winners and Sponsored Steemians

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