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Following the succes of first Steemfest, Steemit's first meet-up conference which took place in Amsterdam on 11, 12 and 13 November 2016, the software developer and event organizer Roeland Landegent (@roelandp) on May, 30th, 2017, he announced the second edition of the event.[1]

Planned to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, Steemfest 2 would happen from 1st to 5th of November 2017. In July, [Steemian|steemian] @gtg announced an agreement with airline company TAP Portugal to offer special conditions for the travels of the participants that are coming to the event.[2]

Crowdfunding and Contests for the Trip

Like the first edition, many steemians lauched contests, crowdfunding campaigns and giveaways to help other users paying plane tickets and hotel reservations. People like @ausbitbank, @richardcrill, @theprophet0, @scooter77, @aggroed and @joseph sponsored some of the main initiatives. See more links in Steemfest 2:Crowdfunding and Contests

Speakers and attendees

In August 17th, 2017, Roeland Landegent (@roelandp) annouced the first speakers: Ned Scott (@ned USA) - CEO Steemit; Alla (@allasyummyfood UK) - Youtuber, chef and steemian; William Mougayar (@wmougayar USA) - Author, The Business Blockchain, investor, blockchain startups; Charle Shrem (@charlieshrem USA) - CTO @; @sneak - Steemit, Inc's CTO; Nolan Jacobson (@theprophet0 USA) - SteemSports General Manager, witness in DPoS, @hansikhouse; USA - Cultural Development Strategist, Co-Founder Base 15 Studio and Sndbox. The presentations, workshops and performances will generally last about 20 minutes max, unless more in-depth time is required. The event will be livestreamed like the previous year.[3]

Bitfilm Contest 2017 award ceremony

In August 29th, 2017, Aaron Koenig (@aaronkoenig) annouced that the award ceremony of the Bitfilm Contest 2017, an online film contest with the topic "The Crypto Future", would happen at SteemFest². With planned live screenings in Berlin and Lisbon, the films may be about cryptography, cryptocurrencies or any other cryptic, futuristic issue. The films should not be longer than 10 minutes.[4]


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