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Steemfest was Steemit's first meet-up conference which took place in Amsterdam on 11, 12 and 13 November 2016. Created by the software developer and event organizer Roeland Landegent (@roelandp) to bring Steemit users together and meet in real life. On September, 12th, 2016, he announced: "Steemit is great, how cool would it be if many steemians from all over the world would meet in real life." And so the idea of SteemFest (working title SteemCon) was born.[1]

Roeland contacted Steemit's CEO and co-founder Ned Scott and proposed in Steemit Chat the idea for an in-person gathering, and the concept was embraced by Steemit, Inc. As a bonus, each attendee received a number of Steem Power as a reward for attending.

In May 17th, 2017, the Steemfest website opened a form to a newsletter signup before announcing the date of the event's second edition. Few days later, in May 30th, SteemFest² was announced to be held in Lisbon from 1st to 5th of November in the same year.[2]

In July 18th, 2018, Roeland posted about the event's third edition: SteemFest³ was announced to be held in Kraków, Poland, from 7th to 11th of November in the same year.[3]

In November 12th, 2019, Roeland posted with the aknowledgements of the forth edition: SteemFest⁴ was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 6th to 10th of November in that year.[4]

Speakers and attendees

The first event's edition had 35 speakers and 206 attendees who came from 31 countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Panama, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and the US. Aproximately 25% of the audience were developers, and 35% of the total attendees were women.[5]

STEEM accepted

Many of the attendees paid for their travel using Steem dollars (SBD) they had earned on the platform. One small exhibit area featured Maurice Mikkers (@mauricemikkers), a"tear catcher" who photographs your tear via a special microscope in high resolution for 25 SBD.[5]


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