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Steem is a blockchain based social media platform were the users can earn rewards paid in specific tokens. Created as an open source and publicly acessible blockchain database to support community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. It permits that independent developers and entrepeneurs build different apps and services direct acessing the Steem blockchain.

The Steem platform is built upon Graphene, the same technology that powers BitShares, another blockchain network created by Dan Larimer, also a co-founder of Steem and Steemit with Ned Scott. Steem is capable of handling a larger userbase than Reddit. This technology also works as an actractive factor for spread and adoption.

In August 2016 Ned Scott declared to Coindesk that entrepreneurs and developers have already created 50 different tools over the Steem blockchain network, such as Catch a Whale (which tracks where whales have recently voted) and SteemMarket (which lets users buy, sell and rent goods with Steem). He said: "The people showing up to use this are going directly to the blockchain. We don't have the authority to tell them not to. In fact, we implore it. What we set out to do is build an ecosystem and that’s exactly what’s happening."

In February 2017, there were 118 differents Steem apps listed on the site SteemTools, bellow some of the initiatives:

  • Discord: (various communities)
    There are various Steem and Steemit related communities organized by steemians on Discord, a freeware proprietary VoIP application.


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