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Ned Scott is the co-founder of Steemit, Inc alongside with Dan Larimer, they created the social-media and blockchain company in January 2016. Ned was a student in Bates College and between 2012 and 2015 a Business Operations and Financial Analyst at Gellert Global Group, The Gellert Global Group consists of many of the leading North American food importing companies, and has been involved in importing food products for over 100 years..

In May 2016 he declared to CoinReport: “I learned of Dan about two and a half years ago, which was about eight months after I stumbled upon Bitcoin. I had been down the rabbit hole learning Bitcoin when I came across Dan’s work on the Bitshares project, and from there, blockchain really seemed to take up all of my time. In mid-2015, I began moonlighting for Dan, bringing his technology to different firms in New York. When 2016 arrived, I made my first trip to meet Dan in person and we had a good match in personalities. The ideas for Steem had just started forming and from there we put a real business plan together and co-founded Steemit.”[1]

Ned added: “We were looking at micro insurance on the Blockchain and a few other ideas, but ultimately, we kept coming back to the idea that the most useful and powerful thing to leverage around a cryptocurrency is a community. Steem was born out of ideas about insurance and mutual aid: it was the idea that people would be able to help each other peer-to-peer if they were struggling to solve problems or needed assistance. It quickly grew into a much larger vision and Steemit was born as a place where individuals get rewarded by a community for posting and voting on content.”[1]

Before Steem's launch, Dan Larimer mentioned the concept of a 'social network of mutual aid societies' as MUXER in his blog: Mutual Aid Society (published in December 31st, 2015).[2]

In August 2016 Ned Scott told to Coindesk that entrepreneurs and developers have already created 50 different tools over the Steem blockchain network, such as Catch a Whale (which tracks where whales have recently voted) and SteemMarket (which lets users buy, sell and rent goods with Steem). He said: "The people showing up to use this are going directly to the blockchain. We don't have the authority to tell them not to. In fact, we implore it. What we set out to do is build an ecosystem and that’s exactly what’s happening."[3]

Beyond being a crypto entrepreneur he is also an amateur chef and part time guitarist but really don't sing though.[4] In 2017 Ned Scott appeared in Matchpool website, an Ethereum Cryptocurrency powered matchmaking platform, as one of the advisors, described also with a background in business operations and financial analyst.[5]


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