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Steemdata was created by the user @furion. It hosts a public access MongoDB database with steem blockchain data that is updated constantly. Data from the blockchain is processed before being stored in steemdata collections, thus no raw blockchain data is stored.

Annouced in January 2017, the goal of the project is to make data from the Steem blockchain more accessible to developers, researchers and 3rd party services.[1]

SteemData is a very useful tool, however it does require you to have at least some familiarity with MongoDB. Using MongoDB is fairly easy, but it does add a small barrier to entry for some users. In March 2017 Furion announced the SteemData WebAPI that allow developers enrich their apps with just a simple query.[2]

SteemData was discontinued on May 1st 2018[3]. The source code is still available on GitHub [4]


Currently the collections available are:

  1. Accounts
    Accounts contains Steem Accounts and their: - account info / profile - balances - vesting routes - open conversion requests - voting history on posts - a list of followers and followings - witness votes - curation stats
  2. Posts
    Here you can find all top-level posts, with full-text search support for content bodies.
  3. Operations
    Operations contains all the events that happened on the blockchain so far. You can query for operations in individual blocks, or by time, operation type (comment, transfer, vote...) or arbitrary properties.
  4. AccountOperations
    Same as operations, but with account ownership attached for easy querying.
  5. PriceHistory
    Snapshots of Bitcoin, STEEM, SBD and USD implied prices.

Documentation to use this service can be found here. Since this a mongodb database, it can be used with any language that can connect to mongodb.


Besides the public acces database, the author has created other services around this system:

  • SteemCharts
    This web page shows charts with updated information about steemit and general indicators. The source code is very valuable since it can help understand how to use steemdata's service.
  • Notify is a service that sends email and telegram messages when certain actions are detected. Steemit lacks basic notifications at the moment (July 2017), so this service seems useful.
  • Mentions app searches for the mentions a user or a phrase has in the last 90 days.
  • Post history app shows the different editions that has been made to a post.


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