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Disambiguation: This page describes the website, for the steemd Steem daemon software see steemd software. is a blockchain explorer for the steem blockchain. Here you can find details of all posts, votes, transactions and details of every steem block. It also lists details of users and witness's and is coded and run by Steem witness @roadscape. Just some weeks after the first block (Block 1) ever of Steem blockchain was produced (March 24th 2016) and before Steemit made its first payouts in July 4th, was announced by @roadscape in April 2016.[1]

The site shows links to the witness list, distribution page, and "create account" which links to with a referral code. The front page shows the most recent posts on the Steem network, with the newest ones first. In the post's "advanced mode" link you can find extra details of each post and comment. There is also a info box that shows the network's information and statistics, most of the info/stats that will output when you use the “info” command in the command line CLI Wallet. [2]

Account page

When clicking a steemian account name in or direct visit the URL a page is shown with most of the account's history in reverse chronological order going back to its creation.

The page shows the account's voting power. Acording to @pfunk guide published in December 2016, when you make a vote in Steem, assuming it's at 100% strength, it will deplete 0.5% of your current voting power. The math is tailored to give you about 40 votes per day without seeing depletion of this power over time. People that are voting manually and casually generally don't need to think about this. The voting power mechanism is in place to minimize the effect of overvoting. [2]

At the right of the page you see a feed of all blockchain actions relating to your account. Both transactions made by the account and most transactions that affect the account (like comment replies, votes for posts/comments, or transfers of funds) are listed. In the upper right it shows the account's Steem Power, denominated in the internal Steem unit of (M, for million) VESTS and amounts of liquid STEEM and SBD currencies (see STEEM Tokens). [2]

Also shown is the account's metadata, owner key history (useful for seeing possible account breaches), authorizations/keys (See Steem Key Management), then witness data, and finally the account's witness approval votes below everything else. [2]

Distribution page

The site Steemd publishes a ranking of the Steem Power distribution, in In their graph the accounts levels are defined as dust, newbie, user, superuser, hero, superhero and legend. It gives an idea of the recent activity of users based on their stake and also provides a visual scale of the stake controlled by accounts within the thresholds. The labels and thresholds are arbitrary, made up by @roadscape. In his guide, @pfunk revealead a fun easter egg on this page: add ?fishy=yes to the end of the URL. [2]


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