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This page lists many of the main topics of Steemit and also includes resources for learning more about them.


Steemit is self-described as a blockchain based social network where the users can earn rewards.


Steem most commonly refers to the token money that comes in three forms - Steem, steem-based dollars (SBD), and steem power. Steem is also is the name for the blockchain database which the social media platform Steemit plugs into.

Steem wallet

On the Steemit platform, each user has a wallet for storing their steem tokens.


Every Steemit user account is provided with a number of different keys. They include the owner, posting, active, and memo keys, and there is a public and private version of each.


A post is a piece of writing, image, or other item of content published on Steemit. Posts that become popular are listed under hot posts and trending posts. Posts can also be promoted.

Posts by accounts that a user is following will show up in the user's feed.

See Tips for formatting your post.


Curation is the act of up-voting a post or comment using the upvote button. While there is no downvote button, flag\flagging a post can remove rewards and make the material less visible. However, flagging should normally not be done except for situations where the author has deliberately and repeatedly broken the rules of conduct on the Steemit platform.