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Esteem Life

Esteem Life is a curation tool and allows creation of channels using single or a combination of the following parameters:

  • Authors (multiple per feed)
  • Tags (multiple per feed)
  • Payout (minimum and maximum)

Any combination of parameters are configurable channel, making it a highly flexible tool and giving you maximum freedom in getting the articles you really looking for into one of your channels.

Posts can be directly voted for from Esteem Life, however posts can also be opened in the Steemit User Interface by simply clicking the post in Esteem Life. The post will open in a new tab to the right of the Esteem Life tab in your browser.

Channel Examples

You can have one or multiple of your favourite author(s) in a single feed/channel and filter further on your favourite tag(s) for those author(s) - for instance 'music' tag showing you only those posts that carry the tag 'music' - providing you a clean channel with only music related post of your favourite authors.

Even for a single author you can create a channel with the advantage over the Steemit User Interface HOME channel of that author that it'll shows only the Author created posts and filter out all the ReSteemed posts.

It is also possible to create a channel with posts focussing on newbies. Or posts from users with a certain minimum reputation. Or any posts with your favourite tags.


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