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Steemgigs is a Steemit users initiative to create a market for freelance jobs using STEEM Tokens proposed in April 28th, 2017. It began when Terry Ajayi (@surpassinggoogle) made a proposal to use Steemit to fix Fivver, the world's largest freelance services marketplace.[1]

Steemit is a social community built upon a public blockchain. Steem technology affords every Steemian a personal mini-bank and digital currencies in the form of Steem Dollar (SBD) and STEEM Tokens (STEEM). Eliminating the need for a middleman or third party merchants comes with additional benefits as services can be paid for, using STEEM or SBD without extra fees! It is also possible to send and receive micro-payments e.g 0.00001 STEEM or 0.000002 SBD without fees.

Steemgigs' central idea is that not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something to offer.[2]


  1. IDEA: Using Steemit To Fix To Fiverr. "Everyone In The World Has Something To Offer!" Written by Terry Ajayi (@surpassinggoogle) on Steemit in April 2017
  2. The Introduction Of @steemgigs, To The Steemit Community! Written by @steemgigs on Steemit in April 28th, 2017


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