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Link @steemcenterwiki wiki is a project proposed by Wagnertamanaha in the Steemit post Active wiki users rewarded with steem where the initial idea was aproved by the wiki creator Someguy123. After that, the @steemcenterwiki Steemit account was launched in 2017, januaty 1st, to reward the wiki active users.

The idea is promote @steemcenterwiki to generate and collect steem to monthly distribute to the registered wiki active users in each period.

We want to transfer the amount of steem divided to the all active wiki user in the month plus an aditional by the number of actions each one proportionally did. See the rules of this distributions here:

If you liked the idea and want to collaborate in the wiki and earn part of the steems collected by @steemcenterwiki, please follow it, register here in and show your Steemit username in you profile page. Then start to create and edit pages, if you want, you can use the MediaWiki tutorial as reference to create and edit pages in wiki, wich runs in MediaWiki, the same engine of Wikipedia.

If you want to see more wiki pages created and support the project, please make a donation tranfering steem to @steemcenterwiki.

If you like and want to participate in the project please follow @steemcenterwiki, upvote, reply and resteem.

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