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When referring to Liquid in the context of Steem and Steemit, it means the STEEM and Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) currencies that are available in your wallet you can freely and instantly use. In your Steemit Wallet you see 5 items:

  1. STEEM
  2. STEEM Power (SP)
  3. Steem Dollar (SBD)
  4. Savings
  5. Estimated Account Value

Liquid currencies are the Steem you have (number 1 above) and the Steem Dollars you have (number 3 above).

The STEEM and Steem Dollars you have under Savings (number 4) is also liquid, but it takes a little bit of time before you can use they saved money. It takes 3 days to transfer STEEM and Steem Dollars to respectively your STEEM (number 1 above) and Steem Dollar (number 3 above) wallets. The reason for the 3 days delay in transferring the STEEM and Steem Dollars is to provide a extra level of safety. Anyone who is able to hack into your wallet is not able to take away the STEEM and Steem Dollars in your savings account, immediately giving you some time to identify the hack and take the necessary steps to secure your account and wallets again.


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