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Steem Monsters cards are the core of the Steem Monsters trading card game. Each card represents a character or resource within the game. The Alpha release of Steem Monsters has 48 total cards: 11 for each of the elements Fire, Earth, Water, and Death; as well as 4 for the Gold element.

Sortable List of Cards

Name Rarity Element Experience Type
Frost Giant Legendary Water 50x Monster
Naga Warrior Epic Water 25x Monster
Mischievous Mermaid Epic Water 25x Monster
Alric the Stormbringer Rare Water 10x Summoner
Frozen Soldier Rare Water 10x Monster
Water Elemental Rare Water 10x Monster
Medusa Rare Water 10x Monster
Sabre Shark Common Water 2x Monster
Crustacean King Common Water 2x Monster
Pirate Captain Common Water 2x Monster
Spineback Turtle Common Water 2x Monster


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