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SteemSTEM was originally formed for promoting and increasing the visibility of STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics) content on Steem.[1]. Two years later, the project has evolved a lot and its grand goal as become much more ambitious. During the nine first months of 2018, SteemSTEM has initiated varied developments aiming to build a novel science communication medium running on the Steem blockchain.

Science communication is today recognized as a vital force worldwide, and we want Steem to have a significant role to play in this space, through the SteemSTEM project. A project update will be released on September 5th, 2018 and will detail the recent SteemSTEM actions: the up-coming release of a stand alone SteemSTEM app, SteemSTEM activities on other social media platforms and the update of the curation guidelines in order to more effectively attract science bloggers and research institute press offices to Steem.

In addition, SteemSTEM is now very active outside the Steem ecosystem with through its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, managed by our PR team.

SteemSTEM has also organized two meetups in crazy science places: in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN[2] and with gravitational waves at Virgo[3].

Community Contact

The easiest way to contact the SteemSTEM team is to visit their discord server. It is also the best place for lively discussing about STEM topics, and also actually friendly discussions about any topic.


The steemSTEM team members are actively curating posts tagged within all STEM categories, including our own #steemstem tag. Our curation team decides on the support a post should receive amongst four levels: small (encouragement and motivation), medium (informative post), standard (going beyond providing information about a given topic), high (discussion of state-of-the-art research), and the best articles receive extra promotion by being featured in our weekly distilled series.

The management team members have delegated a minimum of 10% of their personal STEEM Power to enable the @steemstem account to accrue STEEM rewards through curation. Moreover, many additional Steemians have generously agreed to manually curating, trailing or delegating to the account votes to get good STEM content on the platform better rewarded. All our curation efforts can be followed on discord and statistics have been recently released[4]

Behind the Scenes

The steemSTEM management team currently includes (in alphabetical order) @anarchyhasnogods, @justtryme90 (co-founder), @lemouth (co-founder), @mobbs and @suesa.

Our curation team include four general curators (@aboutcoolscience, @alexs1320, @mathowl, @mathowl) and seven sub-community curators (@carloserp-2000, @gentleshaid, @greenrun, @iamphysical, @kingswisdom, @lamouthe and @sco).

SteemSTEM also mentor newcomers through a team of engaged honor members providing help and guidance, motivating each member of the community to engage with each other, handling complaints and questions and helping to track scammers and plagiarists.


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