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Reward Beneficiaries, also called as Reward Splitting, is a feature introduced with Hard Fork 18 [1]. It allows authors to distribute parts of the author reward share to other accounts. Up to 8 beneficiaries can be added with the comment_options operation to posts or comments. Beneficiary rewards are always payed out as 100% SteemPower, regardless of the payout option chosen by the user. The share of the beneficiaries is deducted from the author part of the total post rewards. Currently, beneficiary settings of posts or comments are not visible on and most of the third party apps. However, the beneficiary settings can be seen on Steemd.

Reward beneficiaries can be added to a post or comment immediately with its creation or at any time later as long as the post or comment has not been voted on and does not have child comments. Beneficiaries can only be set once per post or comment. They can not be edited or removed.


  1. Hard Fork 18 - How To Use the Author Reward Splitting Feature, April 2017


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