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Mangosteem is a Steem powered chat website where steemians can earn STEEM Tokens. The Alpha version of Mangosteem was announced by Brian (@mynameisbrian) in August 31st, 2017.[1] It can be accessed by visiting The site uses Steem Connect ( authentication to register new users.

The public web chat application is powered entirely by the Steem blockchain - no private servers and/or databases are involved. Mangosteem chat channels are hosted by Steem accounts dedicated solely to serving as the channel chat archive. Each message posted to a channel is saved as a comment on the host account. Anyone can host a channel, but the process is not automated yet.[1]


Currently, Mangosteem offers ten channels where users can chat. These channels are:

  1. alternative-music
  2. Food
  3. gaming
  4. General
  5. Homesteading
  6. Japan
  7. Mangosteem
  8. Philippines
  9. Price
  10. Testing

On September 2nd, Mangosteem founder posted a tutorial about how to create channels in the website.[2]


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