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eSteem (formerly known as Steem Mobile[1] is a mobile application for the Steem Blockchain, with the Desktop app currently in development.[2] It is created and designed by @good-karma. First released on 13th August 2016.[3] eSteem app can be downloaded on Google App Store as well as on Apple App Store.

In July 2017 the eSteem app for Android reached the milestone of over 10k downloads in PlayStore. At that time @good-karma shared some stats showing that the most active users were in Indonesia, Korea and Central Europe, followed by USA.[4] The iOS most active users were in US, Korea and UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and Canada.[5] On September 12th, 2017, the servers were upgraded after having slowed down due to growth and increase in operations. To give a better mobile experience with eSteem, the developer worked on server code to separate logic between notifications and other services.[6]


Feature Set 1

  • Login with either using main master password or separate posting and active private keys. Signing in with Master password allows the app to be fully functional and there is no inconsistency because app can derive any signature for any operation. Signing with only posting or active keys will limit the control of Esteem App on an account/wallet.
  • Allows to view and upload of cover image. Which is only view-able in eSteem.

Feature Set 2

  • Allows filtering of post based on trending keys (Trending, Hot, Active, Promoted, New, Trending 30 days, Votes, Comments, Payouts, if logged-in Feed)
  • shows voter info (account, reputation, percentage of voting power they dedicated for that post and number of overall voters)and payout details of the post, if it was promoted, had past payouts, when is the payout, etc.
  • Switching between card view and compact view for users with low bandwidth.
  • Search by tags and users in app.

Feature Set 3

Feature Set 4

Feature Set 5

Feature Set 6

Feature Set 7

Feature Set 8

Feature Set 9

Feature Set 10

  • Logging in Advanced mode allows you to easily log in using QR code of Private Posting and/or Private Active key. You can find QR code in your wallet on Steemit for quick access.
  • Shows how to add multiple accounts using secret/extra menu. Add account gives you possibility to use multiple account and easily switch between accounts! You can vote, comment, post and even change settings and notifications for each account.


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