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@cheetah is a bot developed by @anyx that scours Steemit for copy/pasted content. Launched in July 2016, in the same month Steemit made its firsts payouts (July 4th), she was one of the first bots of Steem Ecosystem.

Cheetah is an informative robot that might comment on your post. If she does, she will claim that she found similar content somewhere else on the web. This is because you likely copy/pasted some form of content - whether it be your own or not.[1]

Cheetah will not Flag (downvote) copied content, but it alerts other users to look into it further. Abusive accounts (serial plagiarists or identity thieves, for example) will go on Cheetah’s blacklist. These users will get downvoted by @cheetah accounts when they post.

What does Cheetah bot do?

If cheetah detects that an unoriginal article, it creates a comment that lets readers know that the article is likely elsewhere on the internet already. This comment is meant to be understood by the author that they should try and avoid copy pasting. It also informs readers of the article that there is a chance the author is not the original one, and have either copy-pasted or plagiarized.

Even if the submitter is the author, there is nothing wrong with the comment, it simply informs the reader that it is not unique (exclusive) content on Steemit. Voters can choose how to use this information.

Content Detection: What Cheetah Bot Does NOT Do.

Cheetah bot does not detect all cases of plagiarism.

Users should still be vigilant with posts that look oddly similar to a news story, and if they find an original source to the article, I encourage you to write a comment, so others are notified that the content is not original. People who do this generally get upvoted and praised, and articles that plagiarize get flagged to oblivion.

Cheetah bot does not flag you.

That is, when it detects a potential source. This is because it cannot tell perfectly whether the author is truly posting original content or plagiarising. There is also the odd occasion where the source is not accurate. Feel free to report mistakes to the steemitabuse-classic channel in Steemit Chat.[2]


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