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Steemit Blogger Central (SteemitBC, SBC) is building communities and empowering Leaders. It is a project which strives to be a hub for the Steemit community to share their blogs, provide Steemit news, and list current Steemit related tutorials.[1] In May 26th, 2017, it was launchd by @sflaherty on Facebook.[2]

In July 1st, 2017, SteemitBC's official account @steemitbc was created. It's plans were to feature SBC's outstanding users, to increase the Steem Power and reward SBC users in the form of boosting upvotes, and to help new users by constantly creating informative tutorials on how to better use your accounts for more success.[3]

At the end of July @sflahery transferred complete ownership of Steemit Blogger Central to @rt395 who partnered with @paulag to continue and enhance it's mission. Going forward not only would Steemit Blogger Central aid in growing other Steemit users' accounts, but they would also focus on developing better content.

In September 3rd, 2017, SteemitBC launched its own Discord server, and moved form Slack. There passionate bloggers can build and administer their own channels.[4]


  • BlockchainBI, formerly BIsteemit (#blockchainBI) lead by @paulag - Blockchain Business Intelligence, data analytics for Steemit and beyond.
  • CultureVulture (#culturevulture) lead by @eroche - Sharing something unique about your country with the world.
  • Gems and Minerals (#gems-and-minerals) lead by @rt395 - Discuss rockhounding, gems & minerals and even geology!
  • Social Investments (#social-investments) lead by @papilloncharity - Papilloncharity
  • NewsTeem (#newsteem) lead by @inquiringtimes - The Inquiring Times - Newspaper published on Steemit.
  • Trader's Lounge (#traders_lounge) lead by @rt395 - A channel about cryptocurrency and altcoin trading in general.
  • Steemit Gaming Central (#steemit-gaming-central) lead by @jpperc - All things gaming!
  • Steemit-Foodie (#steemit-foodie) lead by @steemit-foodie - She brings us some amazing posts about a subject everyone can dig into, food!
  • Amidakuji (#amidakuji) lead by @boxcarblue - Amidakuji is an easy to play Steem giveaway that has been based on a Japanese lottery system that many children in Japan play.


Rewarding Awesome Posts project shares some of the most awesome and/or undervalued posts nominated by channel owners for the week to upvote, resteem and/or add a comment for them.[5]


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