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Steemit Talk Podcast also known as STP is a podcast generally recorded once a week, the community forming around STP gathers on its Discord server located here: Steemit Talk Podcast

The show itself has experimented with a number of playful formats, from guest speakers from the wider community speaking about their endeavours to gameshows celebrating the first birthday of steem.

This podcast is the perfect place for those without a background in cryptocurrency, instead focusing on cool community content ranging from photography, philosophy, music, to UFC!

There have been a few hosts of STP here is their list and state of activity:

@giftedgaia (active)

@sykochica (active)

@winstonwolfe (inactive since ? 2017)

@quantumanomaly (inactive since ? 2017)

@raymonjohnstone (active)

All information about STP can also be found at their website:


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