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Steemicide Hotline[1] is a parody YouTube series created by Stellabelle in 2016. The themes contained in this video series are derived from the many growing pains of Steemit's social ecosystem. The main format of the series features a Steemit user who, on the brink of leaving Steemit, calls a suicide hotline asking for help. The operator who answers the call tries to solve the caller's crisis. Sometimes she solves the crisis and sometimes she does not.

Some of the most notable Steemicide Hotline themes revolve around the issue of flagging posts, quality of the trending page, wealth gap between whales and minnows, distribution of the daily reward pool and other social dramas. The very first episode was based on a comic artist who had decided to leave the community due to disliking the platform's functionality. Throughout Steemit's short history, there have been a few high-profile users who have left the platform due to disagreements about how the site should function. Anyone who has stayed in Steemit from its early days is cognizant of the fact that Steemit is a bootstrapped social media site which is evolving and changing based on community feedback and Steemit Inc. philosophy. The series can be found on YouTube and the most popular video in it revolves around Jeff Berwick, better known as The Dollar Vigilante.