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| Steemit Inc.
| Steemit Inc.
| <font color="yellow">Problematic</font>
| <font color="orange">Currently experiencing issues</font>
| steemd.privex.io
| steemd.privex.io

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RPC Servers (also known as Steem RPC Full Nodes) are used by applications built on the Steem platform.

Example usage (Python with Piston):

>>> from piston import Steem
>>> s = Steem('wss://steemd.steemit.com/')
>>> s.info()
{'time': '2017-08-21T21:41:39', 'recent_slots_filled': '340282366920938463463374607431768211455', 'current_sbd_supply': '3447404.692 SBD', 'participation_count': 128, 'confidential_supply': '0.000 STEEM', 'current_reserve_ratio': 0, 'last_irreversible_block_num': 14779407, 'virtual_supply': '257047362.471 STEEM', 'pending_rewarded_vesting_shares': '282487098.589016 VESTS', 'sbd_interest_rate': 0, 'current_aslot': 14838833, 'maximum_block_size': 65536, 'num_pow_witnesses': 172, 'total_vesting_shares': '377858164971.920552 VESTS', 'vote_power_reserve_rate': 10, 'current_supply': '253955519.698 STEEM', 'id': 0, 'head_block_id': '00e1841e04d47525274d029f80a7e6a25cf0d85a', 'average_block_size': 0, 'confidential_sbd_supply': '0.000 SBD', 'sbd_print_rate': 10000, 'current_witness': 'gtg', 'total_vesting_fund_steem': '183146072.646 STEEM', 'pending_rewarded_vesting_steem': '136656.817 STEEM', 'total_reward_fund_steem': '0.000 STEEM', 'head_block_number': 14779422, 'total_reward_shares2': '0', 'max_virtual_bandwidth': '0', 'total_pow': 514415}

Server SSL Ran By Status
steemd.steemit.com YES Steemit Inc. Currently experiencing issues
steemd.privex.io YES @privex Operational
gtg.steem.house:8090 YES @gtg Operational
rpc.steemliberator.com YES @netuoso Operational
node.steem.ws YES @jesta Defunct (No longer maintained)
steemd.minnowsupportproject.org YES @followbtcnews Operational
rpc.buildteam.io YES @themarkymark Operational
steemd.pevo.science YES @pharesim Operational

Minimum Requirements for Running Full RPC Node:

RAM: Around 160gb if shared_memory.bin is kept in RAM. Recommended at least 256gb.

SSD: At least 100GB if shared_memory is in RAM. At least 500gb if shared_memory is kept on disk (be warned, you need very very high-end NVME drives to use shared_memory on disk).

BANDWIDTH: 100mbps minimum for a public node. 500 to 1000mbps (1gbit) recommended.

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