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Minnow Support Project was created in June 2017 by Aggroed (@aggroed), AusBitBank (@ausbitbank), TeamSteem (@teamsteem), Nolan (@theprophet0), and Chris (@someguy123). The project is a Witness initiative designed to form a community around new Steemit users to help them grow, find support, and as an avenue toward financial success.[1]

It is an open public virtual space to all steemians that join the project by themselves.

To participate it is necessarily to create an account in discordapp and join the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel.

The Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PAL) Discord server work as a gathering place, a networking community, a radio network, a town hall, a marketplace to share ideas, and a fun place to blow off some steam. A number of offshoot projects have made the Minnow Support Project an indispensable tool for Steemit users, including a number of community account bots, the minnow-centric live streeming station MSP Waves Radio, and more initiatives continually added as MSP grows.[1]


In a post published in Steemit in July 18th, 2017, one of the project's creators, Aggroed (@aggroed), explained that @minnowsupport is a cyborg and there is a "bot" in Discord that has the posting key to @minnowsupport and can accept user commands to upvote posts. He continues: “People walk in there, register their account with the bot, and then use it to upvote their posts. There is a trail in discord, and it leaves a comment on the post leaving a trail on the block. It's a public bot. There is a bot like aspect of a program used to vote, but every vote was cast by a human. Everyone in this whole community is welcome to use it as long as they pay the $0.001 SBD/steem that we need as part of a transfer to register you. The bot currently is used 1600 times a day by people that come into our discord, manually hit the command to vote, and either hang out and chill or leave for 12 hours until the timer resets.”[2]


To login you register in #registration channel with the code below

   $register yoursteemitusername

It will show a memo you should send with 0.001 STEEM for minnowsupport and 0.001 STEEM for banjo, then you shoul write the command again:

   $register yoursteemitusername


After registering you can access the #upvote room and type your suggested post link as bellow:

   $upvote yourpostlink

Remember that you can only post after 21min from published time and minnowsupport only upvotes in a 11 hours gap.

How to contribute

To contribute you can go to https://mspdelegator.herokuapp.com and make any ammount of Steem Power delagation you wish.


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