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Die Hard Steemit is a Discord server owned by @aschatria#1254 .
Server staff consists of one admin, two counselors and four pods.

Server staff on Steemit:
admin: @aschatria
pods: @rasamuel,@ninjadroidx,@debbietiyan,@firststeps.
counselors: @raymondspeaks and @shawnamawna.

Server is distinctly split into two main parts , the open to public reception and bins ( with addition of the social part).

Die Hard Steemit

Basic Info

Server name: Die Hard Steemit, DHS, Commenting Pod
Theme: Steemit related community, cryptocurrency, creative writing, contests, discussion, community building.
Invite link: Join server!

Die Hard Steemit

Features and Channels

RECEPTION ( public area)
- #general - communication with Steemians
- #crypto-advice - expert discussion in crypto
- #blockbuster - writing advice and inspirational chat
- #bots - have fun with robots
- #upvote - get upvoted either by the upvote bot or the real users
- #contest-xxx - a contest related channels , please read rules
- #translations - advertising channel for various language pairs
- #notice-admin - admin's blog, daily updates, important updates, information, relevant things only
- #graphics - groups banners, icons, quick copy/paste codes and similar

BINS ( featured writers area)
- #coffee-lounge - fun, off-topic discussion, pub bots included for fun
- #steeminator - channel with the webhooked zapier scripted Discord notification bot ( for the users who doesn't want to install anything but still like to be informed. Bot includes notifications from a few high performing accounts in Steemit)
- other channels in this category are topic related

SOCIAL - this category allows all users to paste their social links like twitter, facebook or reddit, external blogs and websites.

Curation Trail

Die Hard Steemit features only the quality writers in our voting trail with extremely low percentage of self-upvotes, has zero tolerance for plagiarism and comment spam. Besides the featured writers, our pods, outside associates, a few high performing Steemians and our two counselors are also included in the voting trail. You can join our trail HERE.

Rules and regulations

1. don't beg for upvotes or harass other members to vote for you. You will be upgraded to upvote-hog.
2. #contest-dhs is only for the INTERNAL contest, don't paste random things there. You will be upgraded to the scrat-ed role.
3. don't try to use @ everyone or @ here tags in order to notify ALL our members about anything. This feature is reserved for the staff only, and blocked for everyone else.
4. plagiarized content is a direct ban.
5. comment spam is a direct ban.
6. writing related contests should be posted in #writing ( if you are featured writer) or in #upvote if you are a member
7. don't promote random contests or call on action other members publicly unless you discuss it with the staff.
8. scrat-ed and upvote-hog are roles awarded for spamming #contest-dhs or upvote begging. They exclude a member from contests, bot upvotes and daily rewards. Duration: resets on Wednesday.
9. for bots you can register anywhere in #bots or #upvote
10. members can post links in #upvote.
11. No duplicate link posting in #upvote.
12. No posting randomly in BINs. Your post should be related to the channel's topic. You can post in multiple categories.
13. repetitive instances of the misdemeanor will result in the ban.
14. featured writers have an access to BINs, tips, daily admin upvotes and Steeminator.


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