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DSound is a decentralised sound platform and permanent database made by Pedro Reis Colaço (@prc) on top of the Steem blockchain and IPFS. Inspired by DTube, a video platform integrated with Steem, and after chatting with its creator, DSound was launched on September 8th, 2017.[1]

Basic Info

Java Script built application that allows uploading of the sound files in various formats. Mainly built for musicians, but also for personal blogs, voice files, spoken word or/and poetry.


  • Signup and login options with Steemit user name and private posting key.
  • User profile with basic information featuring only DSound uploaded audio files
  • File upload of WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, MP4 or AAC
  • Drag and drop cover image for individual sound files
  • Simple textual editor and tag ( topic) field
  • ON/OFF download option
  • ON/OFF buy option
  • Simple and fast upload ( most of the files are uploaded within a minute depending on the internet connection a member uses...)
  • Option for hosting files on local IPFS
  • Multiple Steemit profiles option ( WARNING: multiple profiles on Steemit are allowed as long as you buy them personally through Anonsteem.


On February 27, 2018, DSound creator Pedro Reis Colaço (@prc) announced a new backbone for the music industry composed of the MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol (MN8 AEP) - allow Emanate audio to be integrated with any platform... with rights, royalties, payments and all metadata built in. He believed that MN8 AEP is to music, what HTTP is to web content but upgraded with decentralization, real time monetization and trust less licensing and collaboration. Other feature was Emanate Live - self-proclaimed as world’s first blockchain music production workflow and community.[2] In the service website, MN8 was described as the currency of Emanate Live and the MN8 AEP.[3]


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  2. Presenting to all my Steemian friends another project of mine: Emanate! Written by Pedro Reis Colaço (@prc) on Steemit on February 27, 2018
  3. Emanate : https://emanate.live Retrieved in February 27, 2018


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