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The 2017 Roadmap was released on Jan 17th, 2017 on the Steemitblog(the official announcement on Steemitblog).[1] The Roadmap was a much anticipated document outlining the plans for development of the platform and the blockchain technology in the newly begun year.


Long Term Goals

  • To provide the best platform for censorship-resistant publishing and store of value to the widest user base possible, in an effort to increase human freedom and accelerate the spread of access to basic rights for all people on Earth.
    • Create a permissionless, censorship-resistant data layer for the entire Internet.

Short Term Goals

  • Primary short-term goal is to increase the number of weekly signups, weekly active users, and weekly social interaction events on Steemit.com
  • Provide support and resources to entrepreneurs and developers building upon the Steem Blockchain as a platform.



  • Migrating all services to auto-scaling, self-healing infrastructure.
  • Useful blockchain data microservices for both internal and external developers to accelerate application development.
  • “Batteries Included”: Highly available public service endpoints for third-party developer quickstart.
  • An Ethos of Deliberate, Reasoned Design
  • Steem Login and signing service for safe and easy third-party app integrations.
  • Rebranding: new logo, colors, logotype to distinguish the social app from the blockchain.
  • UI: Design language overhaul for all user-facing application UIs.
  • Apps: We’re developing iOS and Android native mobile applications.
  • Feature: Free image hosting. Announced do be available in Q2 (may to june) but was released in January, 2017. See: Including images in your posts
  • Feature: Comment moderation for post authors.
  • Feature: Community Namespaces and Moderation.
  • Feature: New user tutorial.
  • Feature: Achievements and User Insignia.
  • Feature: Mobile notifications.
  • Feature: Easy-to-understand status bar.

Steem Blockchain

  • steem.io: A platform dashboard view into the current state of the Steem Blockchain.
  • developer.steem.io: World-class developer documentation for rapidly building Steem

Blockchain apps.

  • Officially supported client libraries for JavaScript and Python.
  • Feature: Greatly reduced blockchain account creation costs, minus the spam.
  • Feature: Arbitrary splitting of post rewards, for revenue splitting.
  • Scalability: The future is parallel.

Steemit, Inc

  • Physical Decentralization: a global team headquartered on the Internet.
  • Internet-speed internal team communications.
  • Automatic tests and builds for all code, with easy one-command deployments to reduce latency to production for completed features, allowing developers to focus on development.
  • We’re hiring the best talent globally.
  • We plan to decentralize the @steemit account stake.
  • All of our software will remain free (as in freedom) software.


  1. Steemit 2017 Roadmap, Published by @steemitblog in Steemit in January 17th, 2017


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