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Steemvoter is a service allowing Steem users to set up automatic voting rules. Steemvoter's users can give more support to their favorite authors when they don't have nearly enough free time to manually vote on every good post that flows through their feed. Users can set rules to auto-upvote certain accounts after a predefined time. The basic free service provides some free rules depending on the number of SP the steemvoter user has. A payed premium service with more rules is available for a monthly fee.


Steemvoter is a project by @thecryptodrive, @reggaemuffin, @cryptomancer and others. The team behind Steemvoter is called Buildteam. BuildTeam develops sidechain services and custom applications that complement the Steem social networking ecosystem and other blockchain environments. Steemvoter was originally created from the ground up by @marcgodard.

Steemvoter mints its own BUILDTEAM token distributed to BuildTeam staff as payment for their services.


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