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Steemspeak is a community voice and text chat channel that runs on the Discord app.

Screenshot of Steemspeak


Steemspeak has become a central information source for users to monitor Steem and the Steemit platform.

Chat Bots

Banjo Bot Price Report

Through the work of [@inertia] and his [@banjo] bot, a unique set of informative commands can be executed through chat.

These include:

  • Report on account voting power
  • Current reputation on Steemit
  • Price reports on cryptocurrency
  • and many more functions that would be best to list in an article on @banjo


Steemspeak is administered by [@fyrstikken] and is a regular hangout for a large community of Steemians.

Steemit Account

Steemspeak posts appear on the Steemit website using [@steemspeak account.]

Setup Instructions

The server is accessible by navigating in your browser to [] and downloading the standalone application or using the browser application.


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