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==Active Key==
==Active Key==
This key should '''only''' be used to place orders and to deal with transfers in the wallet.
The '''active key''' should ONLY only need to be used to '''confirm transaction or trades''' or change user settings.
You only need to use your active key to '''confirm transaction or trades'''.
Do not use your active key to log in for posting and upvoting on a daily basis. Use your posting key instead.
If you follow this guide you will be less likely to have your account stolen.
The site currently doesn't inform new users about this information.
== Memo Key ==
== Memo Key ==

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Managing Keys

If you don't manage your keys correctly, you are putting your account at risk.

If you get hacked you are giving them access to every key you own on steemit. Loss of your keys will result in loss of access to your account. Keys should be stored privately and safely.

Types of Keys

  • Posting Key
  • Active Key
  • Memo Key
  • Master Key

Posting Key

The posting key is used exclusively for submitting posts, applying upvotes and downvotes, selecting and deselecting followers and muting accounts.

The posting key is the safest way to log into an account. It limits the privilege of the person using it to functions that do not have access to the wallet, thereby maintaining the safety and security of the tokens.

The posting key offers the safest way to access your account on a regular basis and it is recommended that you develop the habit of using it as your primary way of logging into your account.

Active Key

The active key should ONLY only need to be used to confirm transaction or trades or change user settings.

Do not use your active key to log in for posting and upvoting on a daily basis. Use your posting key instead.

Memo Key

Please expand upon this subsection.

Master Key

The master key is the key with the highest privilege level. It is the key required to change all the other keys. This is the key that should be most carefully safeguarded against loss or theft. With this key your account can be completely taken over by a malicious party. Loss of this key severely limits the operation of the account.

Don't use the master key for posting, or funds transfers. Use the lower privilege keys to maintain the security of your account.

Please expand upon this subsection.

Locating Steem Keys

Your steem keys are found in your wallet under the permissions tab. At https://steemit.com/@yourusername/permissions. Substitute your actual username for yourusername in the example shown.

The page will look something like the image on the right.

Where are your Keys? Click to expand

Securing Your Account

  • Secure your main password you made when first signing up somewhere no one will find it.
  • Show Your post private key by clicking the button and copy to a place no one else can find it.
  • Show Your active private key by clicking the button then copy to a safe place.
  • You can copy the memo private if you need to but you likely won't need it.
  • Now copy your private posting key and use that as your password to login.

Once logging in and going back to the permission page it should look like this.

What willl it look like when using a Posting Key? Click to Expand


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