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The Steem Ecosystem consists of apps and services directly accessing the Steem blockchain or supporting the community in other ways. See bellow for some of the initiatives:

List of Steem Apps and Tools

  • BuildTeam:
    @buildteam :
    BuildTeam develops sidechain services and custom applications that compliment the Steemit social networking ecosystem and other blockchain environments. The staff are compensated with its own cryptocurrency called BUILDTEAM tokens. Created by Reggae (@reggaemuffin), @thecryptodrive and @cryptomancer. Launched in July 2017

  • dMania:
    dMania is basically 9GAG on Steem. You can post memes, funny pictures, gifs or your favorite cute kitten pictures. dMania allows you to browse through those pictures in an easy and user friendly way. Created by @zombee and launched in October 1st, 2017.

  • DNGO :
    @dngo-io :
    A decentralized non-governmental organization on Steem blockchain to increase user participation in social change by incentivising contributions with cryptocurrencies. The first project, namely Dngo Books, is an attempt to create a collectively produced, multilingual and publicly accessible audiobook archive. Announced in April 16th, 2018

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