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STEEM Power (SP) is STEEM (see STEEM_Tokens) that has been locked in, vested, meaning it can't be immediately withdrawn to spend.

STEEM Power is what gives you influence on Steemit.[1] The more SP you have, the more money you give to authors with an upvote as well as the greater the curation rewards you can earn. There is a very small 'interest' rate earned by holding STEEM Power.

Converting STEEM to SP is called powering up. This can be done by clicking the down arrow next to the STEEM in your wallet and selecting power up. 1 STEEM = 1 Steem Power when powered up.

To unlock SP and convert all or parts of it back to STEEM you have to start a "Power Down" process which moves 1/13th of the STEEM Power you want to power down back into Steem (which is spendable) per week over 13 weeks. So for example, if you have 1300 STEEM Power and power down all of it, you will have 100 Steem per week unlocked into something you can spend, trade, transfer or withdraw.

STEEM Power can also be delegated to other users. Delegated SP increases the influence of the receiving user to the same level as if he owned the STEEM Power himself. However, the delegator remains in full control of the delegated SP and can take back a delegation at any time. Delegated SP cannot be powered down, neither by the delegator nor by the receiver. When SP is undelegated, it immediately reduces the influence of the former receiving user, but takes 7 days until the SP is available again to the delegator.


  1. Steemit FAQ: What is the difference between STEEM, STEEM Power, and Steem Dollars? Retrieved in August 22nd, 2017


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