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(Bellyrub is a scam.)
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List of [[Steem]] and [[Steemit]] [[Bots|bots]].
List of [[Steem]] and [[Steemit]] [[Bots|bots]].
* '''[[Bellyrub]]''': https://steemit.com/@bellyrub <br>''A bot similar of @booster, 2.4 hr bidding rounds, no minimum bid, it have 152,206 SP, no refunds. Created by [https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@bellyrub/belly-rub-01-sbd-bid-give-me-a-belly-rub-and-get-a-vote @zeartul] and launched in July 15th, 2017''

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List of Steem and Steemit bots.

  • Booster: https://steemit.com/@booster
    A bot that just like @randowhale you send X amounts of Steem Dollar (SBD) to @booster - whatever amount you want, it is completely up to you. What will happen next is when the timer runs out every 2.4 hours, it will upvote everyone in that time-window with a 100% upvote divided among the bidders and give a stake-based % on amounts received from you. Created by @fyrstikken and @inertia and launched in July 1st, 2017

  • Discordia: https://steemit.com/@discordia
    A bot that anybody can use to request votes on posts, similar of @booster ,2.4 hr bidding rounds, minimum bid is 0.1 SBD, it have 29,578 SP, no refunds. Created by @ausbitbank and launched in July 10th, 2017

  • Gentlebot: https://steemit.com/@gentlebot
    A robot that combs through the hundreds of thousands of comments people post on the Steem blockchain, develops preferences looking at how others have voted and tries to figure out what makes a comment good. Then every few minutes, looking at all the comments that were posted in the past hour, it votes for a favorite one. Created by unknown and launched in June 23rd, 2017

  • Helpbot : https://steemit.com/@helpbot
    By simply calling on @helpbot (by mentioning it within any comment) and asking it a question, when fully functional it will respond with its best known answer or direct you in the right direction via links to other Steemit posts. Created by @blueorgy and started collecting data in July 22nd, 2017.

  • Lovejuice Bot: https://steemit.com/@lovejuice
    A bid bot based on another bot DrOtto by @inertia. It's similar to @booster, but is meant for minnows. Its timer is shorter and it only have 12,000 SP. An average vote is 80 cents and the minimum bid is 0.100SBD. Check its wallet before you toss a vote. It votes every 36 minutes.

  • Mr Squiggle: https://steemit.com/@mrsquiggle
    The 'Curation Martian' bot, Mr Squiggle upvotes and promotes content created by the #TeamAustralia community. Created by Scooter77 (@scooter77) and launched in August 2017, the bot is powered by delegation from community members and leased delegation by its owner.

  • Thing-2: https://steemit.com/@thing-2
    A more pickier variant of 'Gentlebot', this robot is combing through hundreds of thousands of comments people post on the Steem blockchain, and upvotes them. Created by unknown and launched in July 5th, 2017

  • Morwhale: https://steemit.com/@morwhale
    Get Upvotes and Resteems to Your Posts @morwhale and his team at a time. Just send at last 0.01 to @morwhale with a link to your post in the memo . Created by @hdmed and launched in Sept 2017
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