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STEEM can turned be into STEEM POWER (SP) by powering up in your steemit wallet or cli_wallet. It can also be turned into STEEM DOLLARS by using the 'market' option in the steemit wallet (click on your STEEM amount)

STEEM and STEEM DOLLARS can be transfered to other user accounts.which enables you to send funds to friends, donate to causes or pay for goods.

They can also be sent to cryptocurrency exchanges such as or and then exchanged into Bitcoin(BTC). Once exchanged into Bitcoin it can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies such as USD GBP EUR CNY RUB

Turning STEEM into STEEM POWER(powering up)

You can turn STEEM into STEEM POWER by powering up. More STEEM POWER gives you more voting influence. i.e. your vote gives more revenue.

STEEM POWER is locked as STEEM POWER until you power down. Power down takes 3 months and is released back to you in the form of STEEM, it is released in 13 week increments

To turn your STEEM into STEEM POWER using your steemit wallet : go to wallet. Click on your STEEM amount and select 'Power up' enter the amount you want to power up and click 'Power Up'

Send/transfer STEEM or STEEM DOLLARS

To send STEEM or STEEM DOLLARS to another user go to your wallet in steemit. click on your STEEM or STEEM DOLLARS amount (right hand side of page)then in the box select 'transfer'

Then in the 'to' field enter the name of the recipient. You can also add a message in the memo field.

If you are transfering to an exchange, e.g. bittrex or poloniex, you would enter bittrex in the 'to' field, you would also enter a memo given to you on the bittrex site. on this occasion the memo works as a unique identifier for your bittrex wallet.

When you have entered the details click submit.

If you then scroll down the wallet page you will see details of the transaction you just made in your wallet history.


  • Bittrex - Online cryptocurrency exchange
  • Poloniex - Online cryptocurrency exchange

Merchants accepting STEEM or STEEM DOLLARS