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List of external links related to the Art article in wiki.

Static external links

  • ArtChain : ArtChain Global, ACG is a revolution in registration, tracking, protection and accountability for artwork. Retrieved in 10/23/2018
  • Ascribe : Lock in attributions, securely share and trace where your digital work spreads. Discontinued in 2018. Retrieved in 6/11/2017 and in 11/26/2018
  • Blockchain Art Collective : Creating the New Art Economy with a Rich, Unprecedented Digital Life for Art. Retrieved in 10/13/2018
  • Dada : Spreak through drawing. Collect art with crypto. Retrieved in 11/26/2018
  • Digital Art Chain : You can publish your digital art as ERC721 token on Ethereum blockchain platform. Retrieved in 11/26/2018
  • Look Lateral : With a mission to enable global and open access to the art market. Retrieved in 1/3/2018
  • Maecenas : The art investment platform. Retrieved in 6/11/2017
  • Owlstand : Tokenized online ecosystem for art community. Retrieved in 7/6/2018
  • Peerart : Art marketplace using Origin Protocol on Ethereum blockchain. Launched in February 2019, retrieved in 2/27/2019
  • Superrare : Collect SuperRare digital collections. Retrieved in 11/28/2018
  • Verisart : A new way to certify and verify artworks and collectables in real time. Retrieved in 6/11/2017

News external links


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