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==In other languages==
==In other languages==
* [[Bahasa Indonesia]] (Indonesian) : [[Anonsteem (id)]]
* [[日本語]] (Japanese) : [[Anonsteem (jp)]]
* [[日本語]] (Japanese) : [[Anonsteem (jp)]]

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Website Description


AnonSteem allows the purchase of STEEM accounts using Bitcoin, Litecoin or STEEM.

AnonSteem believes that everyone has a right to privacy, and their service is designed to protect people who would otherwise be vulnerable if they signed up on Steemit with their social media account.

Why do they charge for accounts? Aren't they free?

No, they aren't free at all. Steemit.com pays a STEEM creation fee out of their own pocket, in exchange for your phone number, email address, and social media such as reddit/facebook.

AnonSteem lets you pay that fee upfront to them, in-exchange for perfect privacy. They don't ask for any details.

Tor Access (Onion Addresses)

To further enhance privacy it is possible to access AnonSteem through the TOR network at the following Onion addresses.



If there are any problems contact

anonsteem {at} someguy123 dot com



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