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In December 7th, 2016, Wagner Tamanaha (@wagnertamanaha) proposed an idea to reward the participants with STEEM Tokens.[1] With Chris (@someguy123) - the creator of approval, the @steemcenterwiki account was launched in January 2017 starting generating rewards and collecting donations. Since that the wiki collaborators were receiving transfers according a formula that balances equal and proportional divisions following the suggested rules below.[2] In December 27th, 2017, a set of new rules updates proposal was suggested, incorporated in this wiki page already. These updates included STEEM Tokens conversions and automatic upvotes procedures.[3]


Rewarding wiki editors with steem too

1. In order to tranform in the wiki about all things related to Steem we at @steemcenterwiki want to estimulate and rewards the contributors distributing monthly all the STEEM generated and collected here. To partcipate simple agree with the rules below.

2. Every applicant should register his wiki user page showing a Steemit @ username that will receive the steem transfer for his eventual collaboration.

3. After the end of each month the @steemcenterwiki will distribute 60%* of the total of STEEM in its wallet to the wiki registered active users in the period, following this formula:

S = Total of Steems generated and collected in @steemcenterwiki
a = Total of actions of registered wiki users listed in “Special:ActiveUsers" page
u = Total of registered monthly active wiki users
Vd = Unit of value to be tranfered to all registered monthly active wiki users
Vp = Unit of value to be transfered proportionaly to the number of actions each monthly active wiki users did
Vd = 60%S ÷ u
Vp = 40%S ÷ a
Each wiki registered user would receive the unit of value (Vd) plus the unit of value (Vp) multiplied by the sum of actions he did in the month

4. After the end of the month and before the distribution, @steemcenterwiki will post a list of monthly active wiki users and the values that would be tranfered to each one. The listed participants should be following @steemcenterwiki at that time in order to receive the transfer.

5. A week after published the post (item 4) the user @steemcenterwiki start tranfers the Steems to the registered Steemit usernames (item 2), except to the ones flagged in the post comments as suspicious or with frauded/useless actions.

6. Flags and complaints will be decided until the next distribution period by a majority of votes of a committee of 5 members: 2 wiki most active user of all time, 2 wiki most active users of the month and the wiki owner @someguy123.

7. The idea of this project was informally aproved by wiki owner @someguy123 but is not managed or directed by him. Therefore the project can be interrupted or ceased anytime by @someguy123 request or by the project's administrators willing.

8. All the Steem generated and collected by @steemcenterwiki will be distributed to the active wiki users.

9. All the Steem Power generated and collected by @steemcenterwiki will remain to the project and still there isn't any plan to distribute it.

10. All the SBD generated and collected by @steemcenterwiki will be used to promote posts willing to atract more followers and donations to the project.

11. To be part of the project the participants must accept the rules above.

(*) The 40% of the STEEM left will be used in the next distributions and so on.

SBD to STEEM conversions

After almost one year of the project we noticed that most of rewards were received in Steem Dollar (SBD). Our rules defines that the shares would be paid in STEEM, so all the SBD collected (minus the amount to complete a saving of 6.000 SBD) will be converted into STEEM using the Internal market when appropiate. This conversion should be made in the same month the SBD reward is paid. In the @steemcenterwiki wallet should remain 6.000 SBD that will be used to pay the Steemvoter for premium services and its 3.000 SDB monthly fare.

Upvoting the participants

Aside the STEEM and SBD collected and distributed, after almost one year of the project the @steemcenterwiki has accumulated a reasonable amount of STEEM Power (SP) and consequently a valuable voting power. To attract new collaborators and maintain and motivate the current ones @steemcenterwiki will automatically upvote all users who participated in the rewards distributions. Starting in the year of 2018 the upvotes will be done as follow:

1. Voting power at 50% to all contributors of the month

2. Voting power at 20% to all contributors of the previous month

3. Voting power at 5% to anyone who contributed in the previous 6 months

The voting power of the upvotes described above will not be cumulative, when necessary, the most powerful index will be applied to the benefited user. These upvotes will be configured using Steemvoter, a third party bot service, it means that @steemcenterwiki can not guarantee the routine if they discontinue or interrupt the service.

Join the project, read the Introduction post, visit, start collaborating registering your user there or make a donation to @steemcenterwiki.


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  2. Rules Post by @steemcenterwiki on Steemit in January 1st, 2017
  3. Voluntary Month collaborators and Rules updates proposal for 2018 Post by @steemcenterwiki on Steemit in December 27th, 2017


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