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Steem Logo.png Steem is a blockchain-based social network, with an integrated cryptocurrency known as Steem, which is split into Steem, Steem Dollars, and Steem Power (VESTS). It grew in popularity in August 2016, gaining critical mass, having an article written on Coindesk, and with many online celebrities such as Jackson Palmer (Dogecoin Creator), The Corbett Report, and the Dollar Vigilante using it.

While Steem is a decentralised network, most users use the online interface known as Steemit, which offers a user experience similar to reddit, with an integrated STEEM wallet and account creation capabilities.

New to Steem?

Are you just getting started with Steem and Steemit? Here are some important articles for you:


Steem offers a powerful WebSocket API for communicating with the Steem network. There are many tools and libraries available to help you with this.

How It Began

This wiki was built by @Someguy123 to be the "center of all things steem".

Steemit post for this wiki is here:

How To Get Started

On this site you'll find a range of user guides, as well as information for power users and developers.

Check out Articles for Creation if you're looking for something to work on. Remember to reference your sources, i.e. link back to where you got it from!

How Do You Format A Wiki Post?

If you are new to editing wikis you can read the guide below to familiarize yourself with the wiki markup language. It is not far removed from the way we format Steemit posts using Markdown. Wikimedia wikis provide much more advanced formatting options, but you can get by with just the basics from the link below.

Try this guide Wikimedia Formating Guide

Current Articles

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DISCLAIMER: Steem Center is not affiliated with Steem LTD. it is intended to be a community resource for the STEEM blockchain-backed social media platform.